Charme kitchen by Gicinque: a matter of style …

To live daily life with a touch of prestige and refinement: its name Charme is not a coincidence, being one of the top models in the collection of modern kitchens by Gicinque, a kitchen where the most refined design meets the requirements of functionality and practicality of everyday life .

The refinement of the Charme model meets function in the absence of the handle and the consequent grip recess opening system for doors and drawers, in the shaped worktops, ergonomically shaped and designed for making it more comfortable to work in the kitchen, or even in the choice of the stainless steel top with integrated sink which meets precise aesthetic/functional requirements and gives the kitchen a strong personality.

Peculiarity of this model is the version with ebony veneered, gloss finish doors, in the original anthracite or red mahogany colors: the veins of the wood create a unique environment, always refined.

Style of the “roaring twenties” for the Charme kitchen in gloss red lacquer combined to the black glass doors with floral decorations. The version with gloss or matt white lacquered doors suits better instead to a more sober and delicate environment.

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Charme kitchen by Gicinque

Charme kitchen by Gicinque

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