A kitchen… with the smell of rosemary

We like the idea of combining the new Gicinque modern kitchen Oslo in Rovere Scandinavo with the rosemary.
Perhaps because in this finish Oslo appears in its rustic and familiar character, just like the scent of this aromatic plant that is among the most used in the traditional Italian cuisine recipes.

Thanks to the Rovere Scandinavo finish, giving the kitchen the warmth of the wood without sacrificing a very contemporary design, Oslo creates a kitchen that is really a bit like the rosemary: it is “evergreen”, pleasant, you never get tired of it, just like the traditional flavors of the many recipes in which this plant is used.

Rosemary has always been one of the most popular plants, since ancient times. Rich in therapeutic virtues, it is still useful today for many diseases.

We offer a selection of tasty pasta dishes recipes with rosemary as main ingredient:

Penne with rosemary. Here ‘s the recipe: http://www.ricettemania.it/ricetta-penne-al-rosmarino-701.html


Risotto with rosemary. Here ‘s the recipe: http://blog.giallozafferano.it/cucinaplus/risotto-al-rosmarino-cremosissimo/







Green tortelloni with rosemary. Here ‘s the recipe: http://www.buttalapasta.it/articolo/ricette-primi-piatti-tortelloni-verdi-al-rosmarino/10699/

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