The ginger in the kitchen

We continue to give you information about the new Gicinque modern kitchen model Oslo through the exploration of the culinary world!

In the picture below, the Oslo kitchen with Rovere Denver and matt Bianco Luna doors is in fact showed with the ginger, an ancient spice, but with a modern taste, a bit like the style of this kitchen, which introduces the vintage warmth of the wood in a environment where the lines and shapes look absolutely contemporary.



Ginger is an energetic stimulant for the presence of an essential oil of light yellow color, produced by the secretion of particular glandular cells . The most important constituent is called gingerol and this is what gives the intense aroma to ginger ! The properties of ginger make it excellent as a digestive, since it promotes the expulsion of gas from the stomach and the intestine and prevents its development.

Ginger is a spice which match very well with meat dishes ! That’s why we propose a selection of recipes, also with Oriental influence, in which the ginger is the main ingredient. Enjoy your meal!

Abbacchio alla Romana (lamb chops, Roman style) with ginger flavor. Here ‘s the recipe:







Pork fillet with honey and ginger. Here ‘s the recipe:









Ginger chicken with snow peas. Here ‘s the recipe:

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